I’m not entirely comfortable with how things are – gotta change it up a little!

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

First, I am not sure whether I am posting on here what I want to post on here. So, I am moving things around a little.

Book reviews

Those will mainly appear on my Goodreads now! Feel free to follow me there if they interest you. I just feel like my “short, bullet points, not as much of a review as random thoughts about the book” type of reviews would suit that platform better. Sometimes I felt awkward writing such short posts, but I also don’t really want to switch my review style right now! Maybe sometime in the future, but for now let’s keep it that way.
Banging Book Club reviews will go on Goodreads, too. I will also be making discussion posts in their Goodreads group (if one will not have been made already for that month). Feel free to join!
Besides, book reviews were among the least interacted with posts on this blog anyway,,,,

Wrap-up posts

Aaaand introducing something new! I’m trying to read more books, so the main thing I’ll be putting in those is what I read, a couple of thoughts and a link to the Goodreads review! The idea for now is to post them weekly on Saturdays, but we’ll see how it goes!
Ooh, and I also want to try making posts about specific, less known authors/artists whose work I love! I actually have an idea for the first one already, so expect one relatively soon!


Oh? What’s that? You’ve somehow missed that I have one? Well, feel free to follow me on Instagram @mai_reads  then!
My Instagram @mai_reads

My Instagram @mai_reads

Apart from being a bookstagram, it also doubles as a studygram, so expect an occasional pic of my Korean or Japanese self-studying process!

What stays the same

Tag games still go on here! So do memes (Top Ten Tuesday, State of the ARC etc). In short, anything that isn’t a post reviewing a book. Cool? Cool.

Follow me on Goodreads, Instagram and Bloglovin’! (Especially now that I will be posting more content on Goodreads. Do it. Smash that mf-
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