Reading children’s books from time to time is so relaxing!

Utterly Me, Clarice Bean cover

Utterly Me, Clarice Bean cover

My aunt bought this book for me in the USA when I was about five and it’s been on my shelves ever since! Absolutely adore it.

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(4 / 5)

This book actually touches on a topic that I am quite passionate about even as an adult

  • But can we talk about the illustrations first? Like, look at the cover. It is so gosh dang cute??
  • I also love the way that sometimes the text changes size/spacing/just goes all wobbly and anything but straight to add a different feel to it?
  • Clarice is so sassy, I am LIVING!
  • She is also a bookworm, which I can very much relate to.
  • Also, this book has, like, a book within the book? We get excerpts from the Ruby Redfort books that Clarice is reading
  • It has a very, VERY important message that serious, non-fiction books are not the only ones you can learn stuff from! There are things you can learn from any kind of book – which Clarice proves to her teacher Mrs. Wilberton.
  • I HATE HOW MRS. WILBERTON TREATS LITERATURE, let the kids read fun books!!! They are kids!!!!! I mean, come on, even the headmaster of the school wants to read the Ruby series, obviously they are cool books????
  • Honestly, I hate teachers who have that attitude. Classics/non-fiction are not the only books that are “useful” and “acceptable to read”. On my first high-school literature lesson our teacher asked us what our favorite books are and 90% of the class said Harry Potter. You could see she’s disappointed. Like??? Come on, they are great? I get that you are absorbed in Latvian classics, but give other genres a chance and don’t just say that they are useless or whatever? Ugh.

Favorite quotes

You might think it would be a relief to come to school, but if you do, then obviously you don’t know some of the people in my class. Naming no names, i.e. Grace Grapello, what a show-off.

Dad says, “I can assure you if I was a secret agent I would go and be secret somewhere hot and sunny with a nice beach and no telephones.”

I lend him one of my Ruby books called “Where in the World Are You, Ruby Redfort?” He has to promise not to let his dog chew it.

Betty says everyone is reading Ruby Redfort in Russia too, and that in Russian she is called something more Russian.

We are interviewing everyone

about what they know,

and what they don’t know,

and what they don’t know they know.

I almost don’t want to finish it, but I utterly want to know how it turns out. That’s the thing that sometimes happens when you read a really good book – you just want to read it all over again.

Utterly Me, Clarice Bean was a really nice read that took me back in time. Any books that have stuck with you since childhood?


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